How does the process work?

→Interviewing you and filling questionnaire (for getting know more about your criteria and preferences, your opinions and vision of the relationships), getting your fresh photos and screenshot of your ID card (to be sure you are real and serious)

→ Making and presenting your profile to decent and potential ladies-candidates.In some case giving more information about certain ladies, you are interested in, giving our useful recommendations, discuss all the pros and cons.
Attention!!! We do not put your personal information and photo on the public dating site or social nets. You are  obly included into the closed list of elite clients. 

→ Choosing some three or four ladies' profiles for further video acquaintance, as we always advise our customers to have a 30 min video call with a lady before planing a visit and personal meeting.

You must not waste your time on endless correspondence or formal conversations in  online chat.

→ It is also normal to plan meetings with several women during your visit.  As it's obvious fact that nobody knows how personal contact will go and whether you both feel some sympathy and chemistry Smile

Next step - arranging dates in Ukraine (if you have two and more) or country you both choose (if you decide to meet only one woman) 
You choose, we confirm and you go out on a date.

We always assist our customers at all steps with individual consultation and approach. Be sure, we are interested in your success and happiness!

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